Another track from my CD 'Playing In The Shadows' but with my interpretation of Hank's style.  I hope you enjoy it.

The first instrumental I learnt on the guitar, trying to emulate my guitar hero Hank Marvin.  Now I have all the gear (and the years of practicing) I've recorded Apache on my CD in all its glory.

A selection of various songs in my repertoire recorded sometime around 2008 live at the Cambridge Working Men's Club.  Not my best performance, but a simple taster of my show.

Another selection of songs performed live in my 'Hank Marvin' guise.  These include 'Wonderful Land', Atlantis' and one of my favourites 'Wind Beneath My Wings'.  This last track was requested by an elderly lady at one of my gigs in Newport Pagnell.  As it wasn't a song I had at the time I quickly recorded it, but as an instrumental.  The next time I saw the same lady I performed it and tears fell.  I still get a shivver everytime I play it.  I hope you enjoy it too.

(Please note, the faded gaps were to edit audience sounds).


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